Garden for Disabilities By: Noemi

This is my mind map of what disabilities i am focusing more in my garden and what i plan to have in the garden to help them enjoy it.
This is my mood board of pictures of gardens that I like.

Aesthetic: I want my garden with a long path, and have on the sides different types of little gardens for the three main disabilities i am focusing on.

Safety: I have to be careful on having the little gardens safe for each disability, for example I will have to be careful on not having any hazards like complicated and rough paths for on wheelchairs.

Materials: The materials that i want to use, varies depending on the different parts of the garden. For example for the part dedicated to the blinds I will use soft and dedicated materials because they will have to touch and feel. For the one dedicated to the deaf I will use colourful materials and for the one for the people on a wheelchair I will use a smooth ground, so that they can freely move around with no danger.

Customer : The target audience for my garden are people with disabilities. I am mainly focusing on blind, deaf and people on a wheelchair.

Size: The size of the garden doesn't have to be so big, since there will be two pathways and different medium size gardens on the side. The medium size garden will probably be around 10 to 20 metres squares and the pathways will be around 30 to 40 metres.

Function: To be successful this garden will have to be safe and accessible for people with disabilities. It will have to have different spaces for each disability and different elements depending on each disability.

This is my first design of the garden. It has two paths and has different spaces for the different disabilities. Where it says grass, there will be a garden of grass where everyone can go, sit down and enjoy the softness of the grass. In the shop there will be flowers that you can buy. Where it says sculpture, there will be different sculptures and that aerea it's mainly focused for deaf people. The pool, it's a pool with different fountains that will make different sounds and this aerea it's mainly focused for blind people. The flower area is for people on a wheelchair, because it will have different tables with holes under for the wheelchair to fit, so that the people can touch and feel the flowers. The cafe, is just a normal cafe where you can have something to eat or drink. This design is my favourite.
This is my second design. It only has one path and four different areas, it is a little smaller then the previous one. There is a cafe where you can eat or drink. A sound area with different garden sounds for the blinds. A pool, that will have different types of fountains that could make different noises. A sculpture area, where there will be different sculptures made out of different types of materials and plants.
This is my third design. It has one path and only two areas. The first area is the sound area, where there will be different sounds of the garden. The second area is where there will be different scents of the flowers and plants.
This is my last design. It has two paths that cross each other. It has four spaces. The first area is where different smells and scents of the garden will be. The second area is where the sounds of the garden for the blind people will be. The third area are sculptures made of different flowers and different flowers. The fourth area is a cafe where you can eat or drink anything you wish.
This is my research plan.
This is my research review and design brief.
This is my specification where I explain and justify my points.
This is my design idea review where I have 4 drawings for my garden and I explain them and I have a conclusion for my final garden.
CAD drawing


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