Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution only came to be thanks to the accumulation of capital resources, and with it came loads of industry that created an immense amount of goods, but, also came with the suffering of the working class.

How the Industrial Revolution came to be

  • Vast acres of cotton fields supported by cheap labor in the americas
  • Large deposits of coal and iron as well as other resources essential to the revolution
  • Expanding markets overseas also contributed

Goods and Industry

  • Textile production was a major industry boosted by the revolution
  • Steel making allowed for grander and more intricate buildings
  • The creation of the steam engine advanced the transport and speed of goods, being one of the most important products of the Industrial revolution

The working class

  • Children were forced to work at very young ages to help family survive
  • Low wages and long hours in poor working conditions
  • Slums formed due to an immense amount of industry in certain areas allowing for the easy spread of disease

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