TEDxMontreal // 5th Annual Event february 9th, 2019 // 9 speakers // CHANGING PERSPECTIVES

From scientists to engineers to artists and entrepreneurs, TEDxMontreal is platform where innovative ideas from different spheres can inspire unexpected actions in other disciplines.

TEDxMontreal Speakers :

9 bright ideas will grace our stage, presenting new twists and innovative work that is impacting the world in their own way.

Join our incredible community of change-makers, artists, scientists, engineers, business professionals and idea enthusiasts!!

Our speakers will challenge our paradigms and hopefully bring you new perspectives that will broaden your intellectual horizons.

This year, we are aiming to create an intimate setting for ideas to flourish onstage with new ways for you to engage with our speakers. We have purposely reduced the onsite audience to 350, which is nearly half the size of our previous events to increase the quality of interactions between attendees, speakers and our team.

Mylene Paquette

Mylene Paquette discovers the world of navigation during a family getaway on Lake Champlain in 2005. This revealing experience will lead her to become passionate about navigation and ocean rowing. Mylene is then the patient care attendant for sick children at Sainte-Justine Hospital. A discussion with a teenager will change her life and spark the desire to tame her fear of water to realize her dream. After a 5-year preparation and an ocean crossing of 129 days, Mylene Paquette becomes the first person of the Americas to row across the North Atlantic. She is now a speaker and she is involved socially and in many causes that are close to her heart.

Allen Champagne

Allen is a MD/PhD candidate at Queen’s University (Kingston, ON), and former football student-athlete and Morehead-Cain scholar from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, USA). His research seeks to integrate neuroimaging, helmet accelerometers, film analysis and motion capture to characterize the effects of head trauma on brain health, while uncovering the relationship between impact biomechanics and sport-specific mechanisms of injury in athletes. Allen hopes that his research on sport-related concussions will catalyze the development of novel biomarkers for head injuries, and inform the design of evidence-based behavior modification interventions that will promote safer playing fields.

Marie Belzil

As a multimedia director, Marie Belzil has a gift for shaping moments of collective awe. Blurring the line between the tangible and virtual, she invites audiences into universes imbued with magic and emotion. Pushing the limits of technology and storytelling, Marie has conceived some of Moment Factory's most emblematic projects: the permanent installation at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Montreal's Jacques Cartier Bridge Interactive Illumination and the award-winning Lumina night walks.

Brie Code

She is the CEO and creative director of TRU LUV , a studio based that makes companions—interactive experiences that aren't quite apps and aren't quite games. Companions are built on a framework of deepening friendship, not increasing challenge, to help you unwind and achieve your goals. Previously Brie was a lead programmer at Ubisoft Montreal on the soft, ethereal game Child of Light and three Assassin's Creed games. TRU LUV’s first companion, #SelfCare, is one of Apple’s Best of 2018 Trends of the Year selections.

Éric Montpetit

Éric Montpetit is a professor in the political science department at the Université de Montréal and vice-dean – academic personnel – at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He completed a Ph.D. in comparative and Canadian public policy at McMaster University. He has authored 3 books, co-authored 3 others and published over 80 articles or book chapters. His latest book, In Defense of Pluralism: Policy Disagreement and Its Media Coverage, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2016. Montpetit’s work examines the politics of scientific expertise that unfolds when policy stakeholders begin to express conflicting views on governmental action.

Isabelle Mocquard

Video games are Isabelle Mocquard’s passion—both building and playing them. She is currently Head of product strategy at Behaviour Interactive, Canada’s largest independent game developer. Through the years, she has accumulated a wide range of experience in Product Management internationally and has built a solid reputation in establishing business models for video games. Her philosophy is simple: she firmly believes that the most effective business models are based on respect, trust and transparency.

Norman MacIsaac

Norman MacIsaac is a leader in international development who believes that meaningful change and sustainable development take place from the bottom up. He has worked in Canada as well as in Africa, Asia and Latin America, with a wide range of non-profit organizations and government as staff, consultant, advisor, board member and volunteer. . He explores parallels with his professional experiences as he now fights a terminal disease as patient, ALS ambassador and advocate.

Ryan Hillier

Equal parts business lawyer and social entrepreneur, Ryan Hillier is the chief executive officer of the NOVAlex Law Firm and Legal Clinic, which he co-founded in 2016 after having practiced for nearly 10 years at two national Canadian law firms. NOVAlex offers a unique model for legal services: for every hour of paid legal services it provides to corporate clients, NOVAlex offers one hour of pro bono legal services to eligible low-income individuals, non-profits and start-ups. NOVAlex is committed to meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose; to this end, in 2017, it became the first law firm in Quebec to receive certification as a B Corporation.

Tomislav Friščić

Tomislav Friščić is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at McGill University, where he leads a team of enthusiastic students and post-doctoral researchers that question how chemistry is done. They want to make chemistry safer, cleaner and more efficient by using „mechanochemistry“ – chemistry by mechanical force, and „accelerated aging“ – chemistry inspired by geology. By doing so, Friščić´steam is not only making chemistry cleaner, but is also discovering new, unexpected reactions and compounds.


Mettaya will be hosting TEDxMontreal 5th annual event.

Mettaya works on the humorous and cultural scene throughout Quebec. He hosts parties and galas for social and corporate purposes. It proudly represents the Laotian community in Quebec and has a mission to promote and bring this small community to the province.

We saw him at Le Franc Tireurs, hosted by Richard Martineau, then at the Gala des Olivier in 2008. Since then, he has made numerous television appearances and everyone will remember his participation in the zany act Les Rois Mages starring Francis Reddy and Boucar Diouf at the 2013 Grand Rire de Québec.

More information:

- 100% of all ticket sales are invested into producing the event and the TEDxtalk videos that help spread the ideas worldwide - the entire team and all the speakers are volunteers.

- Lunch, snacks and refreshments throughout the day are included in the ticket price.

- Please note that the following event will be bilingual with talks happening in both English and French.

- Please note that the entire event will be filmed & photographed, the purchasing of a ticket means you consent to being filmed & photographed

For more information please contact us at: info@tedxmontreal.com

Our website : Tedxmontreal.com


Le Salon 1861

550 Rue Richmond

Montréal, QC H3J 1V3

Join us on Saturday, February 9th for TEDxMontreal.

A full day of Montreal-born ideas on stage!

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