• Capital- Belgrade
  • Major Language- Serbian
  • Location- South Eastern Europe

Important People

  • Ruler of Yugoslavia before Serbian Independence- King Alexander
  • ( Yugoslavia- combined kingdoms including Serbia)
  • Assassin of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand- Gavrilo Princip
  • President- Tomislav Nikolic

Major Events

Major Event 1:

  • Gavrilo Princip- Serbian Nationalist (assassin of Franz Ferdinand)
  • Triggered the start of World War 1

Major Event 2:

  • Yugoslavia formed
  • Created a civil war because of different religions

How became a country:

  • Montenegro (one area in Yugoslavia) seceded after being joined since 1918
  • Independence: 2006


  • Major landforms: mountainous terrain, flat land, farmland, plain
  • Major landmarks: Balkan mountains (on the border), Kopaonik mountains
  • Major bodies of water: Danube river (in the north),
  • Major cities: Belgrade, Nis, Novisad, Zemun


  • Cold winters, hot summer, moderate precipitation
  • Average yearly rainfall: 22-75 inches
  • Average yearly temperature: 71°F (July) and 30°F (January)


  • Natural resources: gas and petroleum
  • Much of county’s industry is in the north and around Belgrade
  • Land use: farming (about two-thirds), corn, sugar, beets, wheat, livestock, etc.
  • Major occupations: fabrication of machines, electronics and consumer goods, and agriculture
  • The Serbian Dinar is the currency
  • One Dinar equals $0.0085


  • Clothing - dimije (salwar pants) (pants from Aladdin) (mostly worn by women)
  • Holidays - Orthodox, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Day
  • Food - bread, meat, fruits, vegetables and dairy products
  • Music - traditional folk music, rural and urban; accompanied by an instruments
  • Religions - orthodox christians, orthodox roman, orthodox catholics (top 3)
  • Government - parliamentary republic (two leading things, executive and legislative, have head as a leader, “rules” pass through a process) and republic (a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch)

Interesting facts

  • population - 7.164 million Serbians
  • the flag was inspired by the flag of Russia (Serbia’s coat of arms - white double headed eagle against a red shield)
  • places to travel - Belgrade, Danube, Novi Sad, Niš
  • modes of transportation - buses, trains, taxis Morva (major river system)
  • largest raspberry exporter
  • the temple of the Saint Sava in Belgrade is one of the largest orthodox churches in the world
  • native animals - foxes, hares, rabbits, bears, deer, wolves, stag (a male deer), mouflon (a small wild sheep with chestnut-brown wool, found in mountainous countries from Iran to Asia Minor. Ancestor of domestic sheep), wild boar (a tusked Eurasian wild pig which domestic pigs are descended), and chamois (an agile goat-antelope with short hooked horns, found in mountainous areas of Europe from Spain to the Caucasus)


Created with images by Jeff Attaway - "sava view" • Free Grunge Textures - - "Serbia Grunge Flag" • ChrisYunker - "Danube River" • Jeff Attaway - "bridge"

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