Taylor Swift "People havent always been there for me but music has"

Growing up taylor swift had a very interesting childhood.Taylor Swift grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. She also liked to horse ride. Growing up Taylor swift's first love was horseback riding and she was introduced to it by her mother when she was only nine months old. Taylor swift's mom had always wanted her daughter to be a horse rider and so she bought her a small Shetland pony which was named Ginger. Taylor enjoyed every bit of it but, she wasn’t as crazy about horse riding as much as she was about music. Now let's move on to where she grew up Taylor swift soon followed in her grandmother's footsteps by the age of 10. Taylor swift was singing at a variety of local events including fairs and contests she sang “the Star-Spangled Banner’’ at a Philadelphia 76ers game. To sum it up Taylor swift as into horseback riding but did not make a career out of it .

In this video Taylor Swift is singing at a 76res game

Here are some facts on how many albums were released in Taylor Swift’s past and she is still making more as we speak! So here that's are she has made over 90 songs including those on five albums, singles , and cameos. This does not include the numerous (around 70) unreleased songs, that can be accessed by a quick search on YouTube,for “Taylor swift unreleased.” At age 16 Taylor Swift released her first debut album with hits like “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me”.By 2008 Taylor Swift’s 2nd album “Fearless”was #1 and received 4 Grammy awards She also won a teen choice award. She was named billboard's artist of the year. Therefore her career was a big success.

This video has one of Taylors unreleased songs

The beginning of Taylor swift’s career as a singer. Her moxie and determination led her to sing the National Anthem anywhere she possibly could back in her hometown. It was the best way she could get in front of many people without a record deal - at least according to Taylor Swift landed her first record deal at the age of 13. She did “a stellar performance at the bluebird café in Nashville helped Swift got a big contract with Scott Borchetta’s big machine records. She also became the youngest artist ever to get a record deal. She became the very first act to ever have three albums then sold out in just one week. Therefor her career was a big success

This video is about how Taylor Swift's career started and became a big success

This video talks about the three albums that were released in just one week!

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