Stocks Carla Perez

Stocks are very important in the cuisine because they are processes in which are preparation for different type of dishes. There are nine different type of stocks that have their own unique type of steps that become to a successful final dish ready to eat. Stock usually obtain of meats, seafood, vegetables, and sauces.
White stock is briefly a soup made with chicken or veal added with colorless seasonings.
Brown stock is cooked with beef mainly to give the dish color; or a mixture of meats including beef.
Fumet is a concentrated stock cooked with fish to add flavor.
Court bouillon is made with vegetables & wine, usually used in fish dishes.
Glace is a thick syrup like sauce used to flavor other sauces.
Remouillage is basically a second stock by using the bones you have been already used once to make stock.
Bouillon is usually made by the simmering of mirepoix and aromatic herbs with beef, veal, shrimp vegetables, or poultry bones.
Jus is a sauce made for the side of a dish typically with meat.
Vegetable stock is usually made in wine or water adding the mirepoix or other aromatics mainly for adding more flavor.
Stocks are important in cooking because they are required steps in order to make tasteful dish. All nine of the stocks are useful because they all have their own unique steps and ingredients. They are helpful to use when making a creative dish.


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