Revolutions in technology By steven selix

Past: the industrial revolution

The revolution was caused by ripe conditions to advance and try new technologies and resources like for Britain it had lots of money to go around and it had lots of workers to build and maintain new machines like the spinning jetty

Positive and negative effects on society

Pros: more jobs for people and the price of decrease the more demand increased. New steam power lets boats and trains transport goods further

Cons: there was more pollution in the air due to factory's and large coal burning facilities not having any guidelines or regulations for pollution

Tech developments

Another product of the industrial revolution was the train
With the new innovations of the industrial revolution ion turn pikes where he vented to make more money

Future of transportation


Their will be a need for speed and car designers will have to reduce friction from the car to the ground and they fixed it with hover cars which can go way faster than wheeled cars

Technological developments

Hover cars where invented and they will revolutionize the way we travel and cut back on energy costs by 90%

Pros and cons

Pros: Cars and transportation will become more affordable and way more comfortable and travel time decreases

Cons: previous methods of transportation will be obsolete and lots of people will lose their jobs in oil mining and refining


Causes: the invention of the internet, th invention of the tv, the invention of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. People demanded a faster way of communications and sending files to each other cause current mehods were expensive and lengthy

Positive and negative affects on society/ pros and cons:

Pros: the invention of operating systems and social media sites to talk with your friends

Cons: the invention of the hacker who will steal all your information, people trying to scam you on the internet, inappropriate websites and most of all Memes

An example of memes

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