"At a certain point point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.That's the world's greatest lie." pg.18

In the book the Alchemist the king of Salem explains to the boy Santiago that life is controlled by you because you choose where your life goes,then he talked about how fate controls most people's lives now because of their dreams that was once there are not anymore taken over by fate doing something else that you may not even like doing but you do it because fate tells you to.

"The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world,and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon pg.32

The king of Salem tells the story of the wisest man to Santiago,the story explains a boy who visits him but the man gives him a spoon with oil and tells him not to drop any,but the boy spills some everywhere he goes the man tells him that he can travel the world but don't forget the drops of oil,the plot behind this is showing that you can travel the world but don't forget the responsibilities you have.

"When you want something,all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it" pg.40

In the book the alchemist Santiago meets an old man and is reminded by him when he is touching stones,the saying is suppose to mean that when you put your heart and passion into something you love doing and you won't give it up then people and the the universe will help you achieve it if you are willing to put in the work because when you like in a sport you practice and practice tell it happens and it does happen because it's impossible to achieve what you want by not putting in work and passion.

"Because we have to respond to omens" pg.52

Santiago is stuck with the crystal merchant and he is trying to buy sheep but needs money from the crystal merchant but when he is selling to customers him and the crystal merchant get into a talk about setting up a display case then Santiago says because we have to respond to omens, when you are given something like a sign or omen you need to respond to it because it could change your life in a good way and escape your normal life to become something great.

"MAKTUB" pg.59

When the boy is ready to leave the crystal merchant tells him "Maktub" which is a saying that means it is written, when something is meaningful to you and is important in your life it is written "MAKTUB".

"No matter what he does every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world" Normally he doesn't know it pg.158-159

In the book the Alchemist the boy Santiago says good bye to the Alchemist but before they part ways the Alchemist tells a story about dreams, at the end of his story he says "No matter what he does, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world, you are important no matter what happens you are the most special and amazing person on this earth because you are what connects the earth and without you it would be unbalanced never think of yourself lesser.


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