Los Glaciares National Park A unesco world heritage site

Los Glaciares National Park is an excellent example of the significant process of glaciation, as well as of geological, geomorphic and physiographic phenomena caused by the ongoing advance and retreat of the glaciations that took place during the Pleistocene epoch in the Quaternary period, and the neo glaciations corresponding to the current epoch or Holocene.and for his great extension of fauna and flora

Why is this site or location important? Protect one of the most important and beautiful wonders of the world and the most important which date from the age of the dinosaurs. It should continue to be in those conditions for many more years so that new generations enjoy this beauty of nature.

Immediately began to thaw and there were too many consequences and all this is part of global warming and environmental pollution which is a consequence of our own behavior and misbehavior

Traveling to Los Glacieres

Regulars flights of Unites States to the international airport of Buenos Aires To El Calafate International Airport in El Calafate, only a few kilometers far from this town. Another option from Buenos Aires is International Airport in Río Gallegos (320 Km far from El Calafate) when you go in there you can take a tour or rent a car,i you want to take a tour i recommend you el perrito moreno the one include a tour for all the road ant the glaciares for road and water

in my opinion is very important that this place Stay as it is so that our future generations can enjoy these wonderful place because is a very important place of the world in where all work together can conserve this beautiful and amazing place

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