Effective Strategies for teaching Oral Language Development

Oral Language Development

The appropriate use of language for a particular event, setting, context, or culture.

5 areas: Vocabulary, Syntax, Morphology, Pragmatics, Phonology.


The words that make up a language

Vocabulary is...

Idiomatic to Universal

Idiomatic: In this place and in this time, this word means this thing.


Universal: In the general society, here's what people mean when they use this word..


Denotative to Connotative

Denotative: In the dictionary, this is what this word means.


Connotative: Here's how people interpret this word when they read it.



The grammar of the language.

How we put words together to make grammatically correct sentences.

"You're Amazing." is a complete sentence.

So is, "Make your mark."


How the parts and the words interact to make meaning.

She spotted a cardinal sitting in a tree with her binoculars.

With her binoculars, she spotted a cardinal sitting in a tree.


How you get something done with the language.

Effective Language Use

Take a stand on an issue.

Outline key points.

Adjust the volume of your voice accordingly.

Appropriate Language Use

Say "Please," "Thank you," and "Excuse me."


Being able to identify and make meaning from individual word sounds.

When faced with unknown words, use what you know about letter sounds. The "h" in herb is silent. ST says /st/.

Basic phonological skills are taught in the early grades and are usually mastered by 5th grade.

In the upper grades, phonological skills have more to do with how prefixes, suffixes and infixes interact with words to create meaning.

5 Effective strategies for teaching Oral Language development.



Practice & Correction


Discussion is the most powerful strategy to teach oral language. It provides the opportunity to ask and answer questions at higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy or the various realms of Depth of Knowledge.

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