If you liked... then try... By victoria Ortega

For my quarter two project I decided to read Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn and compare it to the book I read last quarter which was Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

Breathing Underwater

The main characters name was Nick Andreas. He is 16 years old. The book takes place in Miami and Keywest Florida. Nicks dad sometimes hits him which causes Nick to become angry all the time. The main problem in the book is that Nick hits his girlfriend and she filed a restraining order against him. The judge made him go to an anger management class and write in a journal.

Thirteen Reasons Why

In this book the main character is Clay Jenson. A box of tapes appears at his doorstep. He brings them inside and listens to them when he quickly realized that he is listening to Hanna Baker a girl in his class who had committed suicide two weeks before. He has to listen to the tapes and pass it on to the people that are on the list Hanna had made. The people on the list are people who have brung her down or done something to make her feel this way resulting into her killing herself. Clay listen to the tapes trying to figure out why he on them and tries to understand what was going through her mind just weeks before.


In both Thirteen Reasons and Breathing Underwater they have characters who don't realize that they are hurting other people. The people on Hanna's list in Thirteen Reasons had no idea they were hurting her and didn't know she was thinking about suicide. In Breathing Underwater Nick did realize that he was actually hurting his girlfriend (Caitlin).

In both books the main character are around the same age which is 16 years old.

They both are in the young adult and contemporary genere.

They both kind of have a similar theme which is everyone is responsible for their own action.


In Breathing Underwater Nick and Caitlin had an intimate relationship where in Thirteen Reasons Why there was no relationship like that.

The setting in Thirteen Reasons why it's a small town and in Breathing Underwater there are in a bigger town

In Breathing Underwater Nick is forced to go to an anger management group where he talks about how he feels and talks through it. In the other book Clay listens to the tapes and tries to understand what's happening and doesn't talk to anyone.

In the end of Breathing Underwater he ends up figuring out his feelings and says sorry to Caitlin so in a way he gets some closure but in Thirteen Reasons clay finishes losing to the tapes and that's it so there really isn't that much closer in that book.

If you liked Thirteen Reasons Why then you should read Breathing Underwater because it is a quick read, fast paced, and you feel and understand what the character is going through. I love this book and I believe that other people will like it to.

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