The Rainbow Fountain Bridge The BanPo Bridge

By Jean Pondugula

Bridge Name: Banpo Bridge

Location: Seoul, South Korea

The Banpo Bridge goes over the Han River. Construction started in 1980, and after two years, in 1982 it opened. The lights and water function for the fountains didn't finish till 2008, though. That part took 26 years. You could say the entire thing took 28 years to become what it is today.

The idea of creating the Banpo was by the government of South Korea. Dae Han Consultants Compnay, Ltd designed the bridge, and it was Byucksan Engineerings Construction Company, Ltd, that constructed and built the bridge.

The Banpo is a girder bridge. Girder bridges are bridges that support the deck using girders.

The bridge has tension and compression acting on the bridge. The beams and the top of the deck have compression. The bottom of the deck and the girders have tension.

Fun Facts

1. The Banpo Bridge is part of a double bridge. It is right on top of the Jamsu Bridge.

2. This bridge is a major tourist attraction in Seoul and costed 21.5 billion dollars to build.

3. 550,000 cars travel over this bridge daily.

4. It shoots out 190 tons of water every minute with its nearly 10,000 nozzles. It's eco-friendly, though.

5. The Banpo holds the Guinness World Record for the longest fountain bridge in the world.

Important Events

January 11, 1980 - the construction began

June 25, 1982 - the construction ended and opening of bridge

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