Gracie's Goals English 2 Period 6

Semester Goal

In this next semester, I will maintain an A in science, dance, theater, English and p.e and keep my grade at a B in algebra. I will do my homework and studying before other activities. After school, if I didn't understand the previous lesson, I will get help to understand. I will also keep a positive mindset to be successful this semester.

Ways To Achieve This Goal

  • When I'm confused about a lesson, instead of hanging out with friends after school i'm going to meet with my teachers and review the lesson.
  • To keep my grades at an A/B i'm going to make school a priority rather than see friends, or push off for training after school.
  • For an overall positive mindset i'm going to keep everything balanced in school and personal life and i'm not going to let either become overwhelming in my day.

English Goal

In English class, I hope to learn better ways to write papers and make my writing sound better. I also want to understand how to make my writing and papers less lengthy and more interesting.

Ways To Achieve This Goal

  • When I have a writing assignment I'm going to peer edit to find other ways to improve my paper.
  • In class I'm going to ask questions on better grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to improve my papers.
  • My papers are going to have a brainstorming page, rough draft and a final to be better prepared.

High School Goal

Throughout my high school years, I will achieve a 3.0 GPA or above by the time I graduate. I want to excel in dance and advance to period 1 dance. By my senior year I want to be applied to Boulder University and have succeeded my high school years.

Ways To Achieve This Goal

  • To maintain a 3.0 GPA I will complete my homework and prioritize studying.
  • In dance, I'm going to take technique outside of school and focus time in class and take advantage of dance everyday.
  • I'm going to make sure schools a priority the next 3 years so I can apply to Boulder University.

After High School Goal

After High School, I plan to move to Colorado, study marine biology and become an ichthyologist. Eventually I will move back to Alaska to be near my family and advance in my career.

Ways To Achieve This Goal

  • I will keep my focus towards my goal by not giving up when the time comes.
  • After senior year to help my knowledge about marine biology by attending a camp in California.
  • After high school I am also going to go right into my career instead of taking time off so I can move to Alaska as soon as I can.

Personal Growth

In my own personal growth, I plan to achieve, happiness. I want to be close with my friends and family and always be happy.

Ways To Achieve This Goal

  • I am going to spend less time worrying about the small things and have less stress.
  • I am going to spend more time with my family that lives close and far to build a better connection.
  • I am also going to do as many things as possible that I want to do in life to live it to the fullest.


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