Military The Marines infantry

Job Description

The infantrymen have a simple yet hard job. They police houses, Raid bases, and extract or kill targets.

Education Requirements?

High school diploma, need to pass the tests they give you. And be logical

Skills needed to succeed in this job

  • Need to be a good riflemen
  • Need to think logically
  • Need to pass boot camp and be in shape
  • Need to be great in hand to hand combat

Experience required?

You need to have been through hard workouts and stressful situations

Salary expectations

Don't expect much mainly because the military pays for your living expenses when living in the barracks. Expect around $55.000 more or less


When you go back to civilian life you get certain veteran discounts and respect


The chance of dying isn't high but it's not low either. And when back to civilian life is finding a place to live and jobs to get

Why I chose this career

Because I've always liked the military and my family is mainly Marines.

Created By
Evan Szuminski


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