immgration by bryan mendoza

my topic is imgration some of the problems with this issue are spreading families,pepople are scared and they are deportaing people people are being affected by not being with families iam affected because i might lose someone inportant my family,friends,community is affected because they are all really scared

50 years ago it was so different it was not like today they had to check them really good if they did not pass they had to wait in a room that u can stay for days evean weeks today was not like those old days

i predict in 50 years this problem will change it will not be like it is today

protesters was an important person to this issue some of the things they did were bring down trump i think they are doing a good job because slowly they are wining

something i can do now is to protest i think this will help becuase help bring down trump another thing i could do is stay safe i think this would help becuase i would not get deported


Created with images by Studio Incendo - "Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution #umbrellarevolution #umbrellamovement #a7s"

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