Week 2 - term 2b Is it our responsibility to clean the planet?

Lots more work on classification. We are much more confident with animal types, and can give reasons for answers. Our next challenge is to design our own animals, categorise them and explain what the specific features are.

This book is ace! It tells us when plastic was invented, and the damage and implications it is having on the environment.

We checked in, ensured we had packed appropriately and set off. We travelled South East towards the Pacific Ocean. It took approximately 48 hours, with two stop offs. When we arrived at the Easter Islands, we were amazed. There are 3 volcanoes, and it is only 14 miles long. The island is 1000 miles away from any other land.

We wrote instructions to explain how to make a recycled kite. We used Talk for Writing to help us prepare, I am impressed with the resilience of the writers in Year 1.

Responding to our reading books this week. We designed a machine to help with plastic pollution. We also used the new word ingenious, which we are!

Lots of throwing and catching in PE. Good job Year 1.