MILKWEED By: Whitney Punnoose

"Tell me about yourself. Which three adjectives would you use to describe yourself?"

I would describe myself has edge taking, dramatic, and addicting.

"Where do you see yourself fitting in? Tell me about you genre."

The genre to milkweed is Historical Drama because MilkWeed is all about the nazi times and about Running from the nazis.

"Wher are you from? Tell me about your setting."

MilkWeed I set in Warsaw, Poland during World War II because of the nazi rebellion.

Though we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, the truth is looks are important. What makes you attractive and interesting to look at?"

I believe that books are more interesting when the the cover is more simple because then u don't know what your gonna get with the book and where it will lead to. The book actually has two covers the book I read looks like this, but I also have another cover just like the second picture.

"Tell me something that makes you unique. Out of all the books on the shelf, what makes you stand out?"

Something that makes this book unique is the concept of the story is about his past life when he needed to face a tough life during the reign of Hitler in Germany. Another interesting fact is Dr. Korczak. He’s actually a real person. The name is JanuszKorczak, the book is considered as a historical fiction novel instead of a novel based on a true story, though.

Character Traits

Misha is giving because when ever he gets food he will always give it to other kids on the street that need food. Page 54

Misha is very friendly because in the book Misha is always friendly and nice to the kids on the street who are running from the nazis. Page 93-94

Misha is very brave because he is always running from the nazis and doing everything in his power to defend him and Janina. Page 123-125

Thanks for listening:)

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