Andre Cao "Where the roads end, your eyes try to grasp what is beyond the horizon".

About him

Andre works as a backup audio engineer at his church, and also loves anything that has to do with backstage production. This is an Allen&Heath Qu-24 sound board, this is the sound board he uses.

Andre participates cyber deference competitions on Fridays for the whole school day. It lasts for 6 hours long, and he works with 5 other people. In January 2017, Andre's team came in 1st place in Canada, top 20 in North america, and top 200 out of 2217 teams in the world.

Andre also loves to travel and explore new landscapes, one of his favorite places to travel to is Banff National Park (who doesn't?).

Banff National park in Alberta Canada.

Andre's favorite leisure time entertainment stuff


One of Andre's favorite movies is Interstellar. Andre chose Interstellar because of the movie was scientifically correct, and introduced complex theories in a simple way to the audience. Also, the movie does play with your emotions very well.


One of Andre's favorite genera of music is EDM or Electronic Dance music. Andre enjoy's listening to the fast up-beat tunes of synthesized sounds. Andre listens to EDM because when he's cycling, he needs something that has a fast paced to keep in sync to his heart beat.

Favorite Book

Andre's favorite all time book is Winger, it talks about a mischief 14 year old boy (Ryan Dean)who was sent to boarding school because he was too "mischief" said his parents. There he goes through an "intresting" year there, chasing fantasies, fooling around with guys, and most importantly, growing up.

The back cover

Other books that he likes

All so fun to read, but also very meaningful!

Favorite hobby

Andre likes to cycle around Toronto on his bike. Andre owns a Raleigh Cadent 1, at 27 pounds Andre can get anywhere easily.

This bike has gone 800km+ of road now!

Places he goes to:

Mostly in the summer or on nice weekends, Andre likes to explore the city on two wheels. Usually, Andre rides about 90km a week in the peak of cycling season.

Tommy Thompson Park

Here is the view of the iconic Toronto skyline from Tommy Thompson Park. This is one of Andre's favorite locations to go to, and regularly goes there on the weekends in the summer time.

Picture taken in 2007

Andre also enjoys the contrast from the concrete jungle of Toronto to the vast island greens and the blue lake that the park provides. The park is also very far from the city, you can really get away from the cars and people, to a more quiet place.

High Park

One of the few sanctuaries in Toronto you can get away from large structures, and more natural space. Andre really enjoys the greenery here, and less congested roads with cars. Here, you can ride the contours of the Hills and creeks of the park

Lower Don trail

Andre's most favorite path in Toronto, this path goes from Finch and Young all the way to downtown Toronto. On this trail, you can enjoy the transition from uptown to downtown area, and the relaxing contours of the Don Valley river.

The is a drop of 150m of elevation from uptown to downtown

What he carries on his ride

All things listed below are a must have for Andre. For what most of his friends know him as the "mechanic", due to the fact that Andre brings a multi-tool, bike lube, tire repair kit, a bike lock, and just for fun a bike computer.

Just equipment here, nothing special.

More sections about Andre will be coming in the next few weeks if feedback is good! If you have any more questions about him, you can't. So I guess you'll have to wait until next time!


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