Canadian History -Nicholas.C

Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier started exploring Canada before it was called Canada. Jacques mainly explored the St Lawrence River. Jacques and his team had made it as far as Quebec, then built a base there. Jacques Cartiers original exploration was for a passage to Asia but explored North America more. By all of this happening with a new route to Asia Jacques found and claimed land now in Canada.

Samuel De Champlain

1608 Samuel de Champlain had went further with jacuis Cartiers dream. Samuel had founded New France and built the beginning of Quebec City. Champlain had also found an opening to the indies. Chaplain also founded lots of fur trade business and with this started a new city. Many Europeans came and left but Champlain wanted to stay for more than timber and fur, so then he created Quebec City. Champlain had selected 27 men to help him get beaver furs and timber. Once winter hit Champlain group got scurvy. Only 7 out of 27 men had survived that winter.


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