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Biography of Jan van Eyck

Jan van Eyck is known as one of the most significant Renaissance artist from northern Europe. He was born in Masseik, Belgium but no one knows his actual date of birth.

Van Eyck spent most of his time working, he was very intelligent and was very desired by patrons across Europe. He worked for Duke Phillips the Good of Burgundy. Van Eyck lived in Lille for a year but then moved to Bruges.

It is unknown where or if Van Eyck even had an education, but it is known his lifestyle was painting. He was desired by many patrons, he traveled everywhere to do works for churches and other places such as palaces. He was sent on these by his main man the Duke Phillips the Good. He was very wealthy because of the Duke, his salary made him unique compared to other painters from the Northern region of Europe because most relied on individual payments. The relationship between the Duke and Van Eyck was so strong that the Duke was the godfather to one of Van Eyck's children.

What type of art did he create? simple, Painting. Although he was known for his beautiful paintings he is credited with the invention and perfection of oil painting. His works were incredibly detailed and accurate.

His main patron was Duke Phillips the Good of course! the duke funded most of his artistic missions. Van Eyck had many smaller patrons throughout his career as well.

Adoration of the Mystic Lamb

Part of the bigger "Ghent Altarpiece" it was made in the 14th century. Can be found today in the Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent, Belgium. Highlights the new techniques of oil painting. I find this so interesting because of the details, everything has a hidden meaning and is so detailed for example the folds in the clothing and the sense of symmetry. This demonstrates symmetry meaning ideas from classicism but this mainly highlights naturalism because it uses light, textures and oil paints - what Van Eyck specialized in.

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