Walt Disney By:Cole ossmann

Walt Disney made many movies in his lifetime and his company is still making movies to this very day. Walt Disney made more than 984 films and shorts in his lifetime. First, he even acted out 124 of the films and shorts. He also directed 114 of the films. Then, he won 22 competitive tive awards and 59 academy awards. His first movie he made was Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Last,he produced 653 films and shorts. All in all, Walt Disney had put a lot of time and effort into making a lot of movies.

This chart shows the type of crowds in Disney world.The numbers on the sides shows the type of crowd in Disney world.The numbers on the bottom show the month and the day it is happening.The numbers on the bottom also average where most of the people are in the year.

Walt Disney had a lot of challenges through his lifetime. To start off, when he was young, he and his whole family were constantly moving from one city to another. After that, he began working for a lot of jobs to make some money. His most important job was being in the ambulance in World War One. Another one of his most challenging part of his life was that his wife and brother were constantly talking him out of the whole Disney company. Next, Walt had to make actual full length movies because a lot of people were mad at him. The people were mad at him because they were tired of just seeing shorts instead of movies. All in all,Walt Disney had tough challenges in his life.

This map shows magic kingdom.Walt Disney ended up dieing before the grand opening of Disney World.

Walt Disney had a very tough time when he was in school. First of all, he dropped out of school when he was 16. He must have been in 10th grade so that means he did not go to college. That also means that he did not learn what everyone else learns , but yet he still made movies and his whole land. Then, Walt had dyslexic to make it even harder for him in school. Dyslexic is something that doctors do not have a cure for. It is also a symptom that you can have headaches, difficulty memorizing, and difficulty learning to read. As I said before, Walt Disney made a lot of mistakes when he was in school.

This is Walt Disney himself at age 45.Walt Disney made many shorts and films,the company,Disney world, and Mickey Mouse.


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