Aboriginal Australians By: Amanda Zabala

Ancient Australia could possibly be the oldest surviving culture in the world. The aboriginal Australians came from Africa over 70,000 years ago. Due to its isolation from the world, its culture developed much differently than the rest of the world.

Because of their isolation, native Australians, or Aboriginals, didn't have access to the technology the rest of the world had. They were unable to trade with other countries making it difficult to evolve their existing technology. Australians continued to make the traditional stone spear, with the method of chipping away at the stone, until around 1960's. They remained with the culture of ancient humans for over 60,000 years. It wasn't until when the British came, at around 1977, that the aboriginals became influenced the the culture began to change.

Much like the natives that lived in America, native Australians cultivated the land with crops and had a deep connection to the earth. In fact, the two cultures have many things in common, in culture and history. They both had multiple tribes that each had their unique form of living and micro cultures. They created their own ceremonies, and their own songs and dances. They also painted with red ochre pigments, decorating cave walls with paintings of their way of life. Both cultures got there by migration from and earlier culture. And both cultures were attacked by the British.

What made the Aboriginal Australians unique was their concept of dreamtime, or dreaming. Dreamtime meant "to see and understand the law." This was their way of passing down knowledge and beliefs. These stories featured ancestor spirits coming to earth in human form and creating everything. According to the stories, plants, animals, and relationships between groups, and relationships between individuals and the land. Due to the nature of dreamtime, at the end of the story the spirits don't disappear. The cite where the story took place becomes a sacred place making the dream never-ending.

The Aboriginal Australians culture developed much slower that the rest of the worlds. They even skipped some technological steps. Non the less their culture was rich and vibrant. In some ways they were similar to the rest of the world despite their isolation but at the same time, because of their isolation their history and culture was very unique.

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Amanda Zabala


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