Surviving In Abuja, Nigeria Made by: ALEX, AARON, AND CHRISTIAN

Our plane crash landed in Abuja, Nigeria. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria.

The region of Africa that we crash landed in is the Savanna.

The crop that we will grow is the potato. We are growing the potato because potatoes grow in the Savanna.

There are lots of reasons we chose the Potato. The potato is very healthy for human beings. Potatoes have lots of vitamins. Potatoes are delicious too. It is easy to shave the potato also. Potatoes help the body's immune system . There are lots of them growing in Nigeria. Especially with the soil we will be able to plant the potato.

Water is going to be needed and good soil is also going to be needed. Potatoes take 70 to 120 days to grow. The crop will feed my family and I so it can keep us healthy.

Created By
Aaron , Christian Alex V


Created with images by Jeff Attaway - "mosque" • fak1911 - "aircraft wreck crash landing" • Nicholas_T - "Mountaintop Savanna" • pixel2013 - "potato new crop food"

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