Born To Sing A Life of a singer

America's Sweetheart

Taylor Swift was a freshmen in high school when her first album was released.

Tay-Tay's Pop Power

Taylor's fifth album was in 1989. Taylor's big move to pop is a huge success. Her fans loved her tours.

What's Next

Taylor loves to travel, Taylor loves sleepovers with her friends. Music is part of Taylor's life.

A poem About Taylor

She dreamed of making music. She really had a gift. Now she has fans around the world-keep singing Taylor Swift.

You Can Achieve Your Dreams

Think about what special talent you have, and what you love to do the most. work hard to learn more, about your talent and improve it. Don't be afraid to share your talent with others.

What I Think of Taylor Swift

I like to listen to Taylor Swift, because Taylor Swift is an inspiration to me. I love music, and I want to become a great singer just like Taylor Swift.


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