Saints By Autumn Basler

Pope Leo

Got the nickname “Pilgrim Pope” because of his church councils and his travel around Europe.
Was sent to Tuol at the age of 5 to be educated with other boys of noble birth

The Great Schism of 1054 was the split between the Eastern and Western Christian Churches and was led by Pope Leo lX

Saint Dominic

He founded an order that focused on getting out among the people and showing God's love
St Dominic was a Spanish priest who lived from 1170 - 1221 and founder of the Dominican Order of friars and nuns

If Dominic wouldn’t have went on the trip he would probably still have the structure of a contemplative life

St. Francis of Assis

Renowned for drinking at his youth
Heard the voice of Christ who said to repair the Christian Church and because of that he left his luxury life and became devoted of the faith

St. Francis of Assisi Created an order where all members took a vow of poverty and worshiped God.


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