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  • Brian is a 13 year old boy that had to fend for himself in the Canadian wilderness. When he is on his to way to stay with his father for the summer to work in the oil fields, the plane he was in crashed. In the woods he only had an old windbreaker, and a hatchet that his mother had given him as a gift , to use at his father's house.

rising action #1

when brian was on the plane to his father's the piolot had a heart attack and died. Brian tried to find a commpass dial to fly the plane, but he couldn't and the plane crashed. He was in a lot of pain the first few days, but he knew he had to find shelter. Brian ended up finding some shelter by the stone overhang.

rising action #2

The next thing brian was thinking about was how hungry he was. First Brian went to the L shaped lake and had a lot of water that he threw up. Brian was still hungry. He saw and followed some birds to a berry bush. Brian had many berries, and also brought some to his shelter. In the night Brian's stomach was turning and he puked/and had diaharria from the cherries. He had too many at one time, they were now called ''gut cherries.''

rising action #3

Once when Brian was sleeping by the stone overhang, he felt an antruder by his leg. He threw his hatchet at the intruder that was the porcupine, thing that that would make it go away. That didn't go well at all, the porcupine exploted 8 of it's needles into brian's leg. He carefully took them out, but it hurt very bad. When Brian threw the hatchet at the porcupine he didn't notice in his mind that it also hit the wall of the stone ridge and created a spark of fire. In the night Brian had dreams of a barbeque at the park, with his friend terry. when Brian woke up the idea triggered his mind. He tried making a fire again, after many failed attemts Brian had a fire.

rising action #4

at this point of the story Brian knew how to hunt foolbirds, fish, and found a rassberry bush so he could eat. Although Brian became a skilled hunter and was able to get enough food to eat, and got a system of things to do.he didn't think of the hunger of the animals in the woods and how the food might attract them. Once, when Brian was desposing the guts of a foolbird he cought, into his fish trap he had an unexpted visiter. His visitor was a cow, a female moose it shoved brian so deep in the river mud that he had to wipe the mud off his eyelids. Brian got up and started to move and ''BAM'' he was shoved even worse that time, hurting his ribs .it was a long cycle of ''move, let her calm down, move, calm down, move'' for him to get back to his shelter.

rising action #5

That same night of the cow brian heard an interesting sound that he could rember, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. The next minute he knew extally what it was, a tornado. Brian new he had to prepare for something, but he didnt know that either. When the tornado hit brian could hear it ripping trees down like theres no tomorrow. The next morning brian saw a whole wall of his shelter on the other side of the beach. brian felt of despair and pity that all he worked for, all the weapons he made,made him feel like how he was when he first got there. The next day brian thought ''a tornado and a cow? you think that's all you can hit me with!?'' Brain had his cofidance back after saying that and when he saw all his supplies were still at his camp. In the night Brian recalled the thought the tail end of the plane was out of the lake and that there was a rescue pack in there!! For the rest of the night brian thought of all the great things that could be in there.


To get to the pack, first he would have to create a raft. Brian made a raft with his hatchet,logs and leaves. then he went out to the plane in the lake tried to get in, but there was no opening and he needed to tie the raft to something to keep it stable. He thought '' really Brian you thought it would be that simple? just make a raft, open the plane, and get the pack. really?'', and he went back to shore and though '' tomorrow, i'll get it tomorrow. Brain made a rope w/ his remains of the windbreaker and went out to shore, when he got to the plane he tied the rope to it. Brian thought of the piolot when he was by the plane and thought he should say some words, he did. Brian couldnt fuigure out how to get in the plane and he got so fusterated he hit the plane and a little indent appered. he continued to do that, but then he felt the hatchet hit his leg. The hatchet sank to the bottom of the lake. Brian struggled to get the hatchet back but he did, He got in the plane by making more small holes w/ the hatchet. when he was diving for the pack, Brian saw the half eaten(by the fish brian ate) skeletion of the piolot. then he got the pak out of the plane after many failed attemps.when he went back to shore he was proud and grateful but had to get the piolots image out of his head

falling action #1

truser brian said ,there was truser in the pack. In the pack there was a sleeping bag, a foam pillow. a riffel, food, matches, and other things. He was amazed. he found a weird device that had an on/off button that he flipped back and forth,but it didn't do anything.

falling action#2

with all these items brian felt he could surive here forever. he could hunt now with a riffel if he needed to. He also had an ample amount of food and he could still hunt.

falling action #3

Brian was so happy and proud of all he's done. he thought he ought to have a feast. His favorite drink mix was the ornage fruite drink. he put pakits of entrees in the cooking pots he got and put them on the fire to simmer. to make the food he just needed to add water in the pot. while brian was getting water he herd a noise, it was an engine! he could see it and he knew it was for him.


the plane landed in the L shaped lake and this piolot was confused and shocked to see that that Brian Robeson was still alive after 54 in the canadaian woods. Brian's responce was'' my name is Brian robeson'', ''would you like something to eat?

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hailey hand


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