Third-world Labor: The workforce driving large consumer industries George Thornton

The topic of third-world country labor is a hot topic in todays culture. Most major industries manufacture their products in under developed countries due to the lower salaries and overall cost effectiveness of these places.
The conditions are normally terrible and the factories are riddeled with disease.
Why do the big industries use this type of labor when it is clearly unethical, The simple answer is money. The more money a company can save while producing the same amount of products makes the big bosses rich.
What are the types of companies that utilize this type of labor? One of the biggest industries we see this type of labor being utilized is in fast fashion. Fast Fashion is basically the styles reflected on the runway that reflect a trend that doesn't stay around for long, usually a season or two. Fast fashion clothes are notoriously poorly made and do not last long.
what is the alternative? How can this type of labor be changed to be more ethical and give more rights and better conditions to the workers? It will ultimately come down to what the governments in the third world countries try to do in order to protect their citizens. It will also come down to the heads of the industries to change their manufacturing set up.
The main counter argument that can be made to the claim that these third world labor forces are wrong is the money. The way that these companies operate right now is good for our own economy which in turn makes better lives for us.
Why si this topic important? Why should we care about people in other countries? Why shouldn't we just focus on our own people? This issue is one of being a human being and being treated like one. Everybody deserves to be able to go to work without the threat of the conditions ending their life. If nothing is done then the conditions will only continue to get worse and drastic consequences will come from that.


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