The Age of Exploration Louis Jolliet

Louis Jolliet was born near Quebec, Canada, where he was christened on September, 21st, 1945.
Jolliet explored for France and he traveled and mapped the Mississippi River. He also traveled and mapped out the Lake Superior regions, the area between the Saguenay River and Hudson Bay, and part of the Labrador coast.

Jolliet went on 3 expeditions, the Mississippi Expedition which lasted 2 years (1672-1674), the Hudson Bay Expedition which lasted 1 year (1679-1680), and the Labrador Expedition which lasted less than a year (1694).

The expeditions Jolliet went on helped his country by setting up efficient maps for trade routes with the Native Americans. Native Americans would trade crops, animals, and fur with the French, helping the French wealth grow. Jolliet also helped with the growth of the french influence on America through the 3 expeditions he went on.

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