The Portland Way Our NORTH highland offices are cultural hotspots, representing their unique people and landscapes, with a maker spirit at the heart

We are makers.

We believe the future is ours to build. With a bias for action, we use our talents – of ingenuity, divergent thinking and relentless determination – to build a better future for all.

Our local offices have been built by makers who give voice to tough questions, acknowledge when they’re wrong, and relish in making an impact, no matter who gets the credit. The promises we live by have been crafted by leaders who choose to have a local impact, but value the opportunities North Highland’s global resources provide.

This element of our Portland office – authentic local connections powered by worldwide resources – is central to our identity. We’re grounded in Portland, rooted in the Pacific Northwest. We are amplified and supported by our firm’s leading-edge tools and deep industry know-how from around the world.

We make these promises, together, because you can’t build a better future on your own.

Celebrate Your Personality & Team Spirit

We embrace diverse personalities and unite as a team

We are not just consultants. We are creative spirits. We’re analytical tinkerers. We’re daughters, we’re fathers, and friends. These are the titles that make us who we are, and our real-life experiences are as important as our capabilities and expertise.

Our Portland office is where we come together as unique individuals to make a collective impact. As one Portlander mused, “It sort of feels like coming back to your parents' house from college – you can raid the refrigerator, wear more comfortable clothes and connect with old friends."

We honor the power of ritual through events like Prom, a dedicated time to celebrate our accomplishments, to be silly, to reflect on accomplishments and to look ahead. It’s a time to be authentic, together.

Grow Through Your Choices

We strive to meet your passions with growth opportunities

You’re going to be challenged at North Highland to do meaningful work for your clients and to shape the future of your career. Our client work pushes us to achieve things we didn’t know were possible, and we succeed because we are surrounded by people who lift us up, inspire us, and enable us to grow.

Portland’s Diane Bradley grew into a new industry. She had built her career in retail, and delivering impactful retail customer experiences was second nature. But healthcare – with its inherent challenges and opportunities to make a meaningful difference– was an industry she wanted to explore.

So Diane connected with healthcare leaders across the global North Highland network. She sought and gained mentorship, education and experience. So much experience that she was later named North Highland’s healthcare industry lead for the Pacific Northwest, where she empowers the region’s largest healthcare organizations to deliver customer experiences that rival even the best retail has to offer.

Make Your Mark

We move mountains for our each other, our clients, and community

We do not tread lightly. Our footprint on the moon, our flag on the mountaintop, is work that is guaranteed to make our clients and our communities stronger and more prosperous.

Whether in the workplace or at one of the 25+ non-profit organizations our team supports, no one will go harder for Oregon than we will. We choose to make our mark here, helping Oregon companies have global impact.

Our work matters here. Through complex facilitation and meaningful research, we brought together the region’s most prominent business leaders and universities to create educational programs for the workforce of tomorrow. Through guided strategy definition, we supported the region’s largest power supplier in defining a sustainable infrastructure roadmap. And through thoughtful insights gathering and analysis, we supported our public transit to design safe, reliable emergency response plans.

Oregon is our home. We are deeply invested in seeing our clients succeed because their success makes Oregon stronger. Our clients are our neighbors. We join them in boardrooms, and bump into them on the trails of the Columbia River Gorge, on the sidelines of the Starlight Parade or at 10 Barrel grabbing an IPA after work.

The power of a promise.

We honor these promises each and every day. They guide honest and open ways of working. They keep us chasing the steepest points of new learning curves. They inspire us to build capabilities, to craft greatness, and to unleash potential, together.

Let’s talk more about the promise of North Highland.

Katie Silver | Recruiting Manager


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