One Girl By Maya, Noga and Laura

Every day I wake in my small wooden cabin in the bottom of the valley that nobody knows about, my little piece of heaven. I went to my closet and picked out my short, light blue dress, white shoes and my mom’s golden locket.
I went to fetch some water from the never ending well and suddenly I saw him, a stranger. He was wearing a long, dark blue coat and black formal pants. His hair was hidden behind his detective’s hat that hid his face with a dark shadow. The only sign of humanity were his piercing emerald green eyes. Suddenly, I could see his lips parting and he spoke “What is a lovely girl like you doing in a place like this and not displaying herself to the men in the village.” All I could bring myself to say was “I like it here, it is like my little kingdom”. As I started running away, I heard his footsteps following me and screaming “You forget your water bucket, my lady”. With that I ran to my little cabin and locked all doors and windows. As the hours passed the man didn’t come in, instead he stayed outside the door, sitting on the porch and begging for entrance. All of a sudden I looked at his face, I mean really looked at him and I recognized the face I haven’t seen in so long.
It was him, the man who had my heart and left it behind without giving me reason why. We were happily engaged until one day he said “I have to go to the city for business, it will be only one week I promise that to you, my love.” I waited a week and that turned into a month, two, three but he never came. Well that happened about a year ago, but now my fear of facing has grew larger knowing who he is.
I don’t know what to do with my feeling, they are taking control of me and sinking me like the titanic. One side of me just wants to run back into his arms and feel loved again, but yet my other side says don’t let him in again he will only hurt me more. Suddenly I heard a loud thud that snapped me out of my deep thoughts. It was him, leaning on my now broken door frame.
I could never forget the expression on his face, his once loving eyes now sad and red from crying and his mouth hung open to say something but instead I hugged him, with all the love that I could. With my vision going blurry from tears and my voice lost deep in my mind the only thing I could do to show my acceptance and forgiveness towards him with that embrace. Now being in his arms again I felt safe and I know for sure everything will be alright.


Created with images by Pexels - "alone art boot"

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