Christianity for Teenagers

Teenagers today often times become depressed and fall into suicidal tendencies; however, society has not done a good job of preventing this from happening. our first action to help adolescents must be to introduce them to christianity.

Suicidal teenagers force themselves into isolation, which is what makes detecting and helping them so difficult. We as Christians should do our part and reach out to all teenagers to be proactive in preventing them from becoming suicidal in the first place. The way to help would be talk with them about Jesus or maybe even invite them to a place where they will learn about him

Really any form of interaction is encouraged because it is far better than letting the person go unnoticed. The goal first is to get them out of isolation in the way that nothing society has come up with before ever could. Next in order to surround them with loving people invite them to a place with other christians.
Inviting a suicidal adolecent to church, small groups, mission trips or christian camps can really submerse the person in a group of people who can teach them about God and his love while still surrounding that person with their own care for them. This can be the final thing that can bring a suicidal teenager out of isolation and bring them to the point of unconditional joy that christians have.


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