EVERY NATION CAMPUS DAVAO February-March 2017 Ministry Update

Hello Ministry Partner!

The 1st quarter of the year just ended, and God has been so good and faithful for the past three months. :) I just want to share with you with what God has been doing for the past two months in the lives of the students that we're reaching out to. And we're excited to share these things to you because of your partnership we are able to continually reach out to these students who need Jesus in their life. It was really a great joy and privilege to talk to, build relationship with, share about God's Word, and being there by showing love to these students who are longing for acceptance and love that is only found in Jesus.

We were given an opportunity and privilege to facilitate a retreat for the Grade six students of Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai here in Davao City. It was a great time teaching them about living a life knowing their purpose, living a life with love for others, living a life continuously learning and growing, and above all living a life knowing that they have a Father in heaven who pursues and purchased them through Jesus dying on the cross, knowing that they can rest upon His love in all areas of their lives. It doesn't matter how young they are to know these things, but the most important thing is they will start living their life knowing their purpose and live that out as they continue to learn and grow in every challenges that they will be facing in life. As young as they are, they will set an example for others in their speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. - 1 Timothy 4:12

Pastor Alvin Supan, Senior Pastor of Victory Davao, passionately teaching and encouraging the students about the Father heart of God.
Abet Valencia, a Campus Missionary of EN Campus Davao, teaching about living a life of learning and growing in all areas of their lives.
The Grade Six students of Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai preparing and getting ready for the activities they will be doing during the retreat and getting ready to learn and relearn about Purpose, Love, Learning Humbly, and The Father's Heart.
Had an opportunity to do the God Test to these BSBA students from University of Immaculate Conception - Bonifacio Campus and guess what they received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Indeed, students with the age of 25 years old and below is open to receive God in their life.
Had an opportunity doing God Test to these 1st and 2nd year College Education students from University of Immaculate Conception - Bonifacio Campus. I really enjoyed our chikka moments about their life, studies, families, and even lovelife. It was a great privilege sharing the Gospel to them and it's a joy to my heart seeing the smile on their face.
Met this group of BSBA students from University of Immaculate Conception -Bonifacio Campus. Had a great time doing God Test to them and they received Jesus as their Lord and Savior! It was a joy to my heart having these privilege of sharing the Gospel and even the love of God to these ladies. Indeed, the future is bright!
Maria Nene, a college student from San Pedro College, was reached out through God Test last September 2016 in SPC. We're currently on chapter 5 of One2One (a personal follow-up discipleship to help her in her walk with Christ), and I'm just so blessed with her genuine heart that is so hungry with the Word of God. She's always excited to share the Word of God to her family, friends, and classmates.
Jicyl Anne, a college student from University of Immaculate Conception here in Davao, was invited in Youth Service by one of our victory group leaders working as a teacher in the said school. I started to share to her about who Jesus is. We already started as well with chapter 1 in One2One personal follow-up discipleship.
Samantha Ramirez, a 2nd year Psychology student of San Pedro College here in Davao City. I started sharing to her about God last year. Together we learn and grow in our walk with God. I've witnessed the transformation that is happening in her life right now. I'm so blessed with her genuine her. How she's being vulnerable and transparent, and a very teachable heart she has. Now, she's one of our new victory group leaders who has that zeal and passion in leading other students to Christ. Despite of oppositions and persecutions she receives, she always remind herself about the truth (which is Jesus), and it brings back the faith and trust she has in Jesus.
Pia Coleen, an Occupational Therapy student (with violet&black shirt) and Michelle Tanedo, an Optometry student (with white and black shirt), are both college students from Davao Doctors College. I'm just so blessed and encouraged of how hungry they are with the Word of God. They were so excited to be back again in joining the victory group. In spite of being busy in school and how hectic their schedules are, they are still willing and available to join the victory group.

Indeed, as we continue to share the Gospel to them, minister to them, show love and care to them these students will continue to love God more in their loves and will extend the same love and grace to others as well. Never will we complain again with what's been happening in the lives of the younger generation today because day by day they will no longer conform or follow the pattern of this world, but they will be renewed and be transformed by the love and grace of God in their lives. So let's continue to set an example to this present generation of young people, as they will be setting an example to others and to the next generations that are about to come.

Thank your for faithfully partnering with us in reaching the next generation for God! Indeed, OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL! Thank you for praying with us as we continue to preach the Gospel boldly with zeal and passion. Looking forward for more years of partnership with you in Honoring God and Making Disciples! It's a privilege to have you on board! God Bless you abundantly and exceedingly!

Joanna Megriño | Campus Missionary | Every Nation Campus Davao | (+63) 923 521 5507/ (+63) 927 926 9030 | joan.megrino@everynationcampus.org

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