Collective Intelligences Professional Development for Teachers

What is Collective Intelligence?

A group of people who engage in intellectual cooperation in order to create, innovate, and invent. Collective Intelligences can be more intelligent, more effective, and more efficient than working alone.

"How can people and computers be connected so that collectively they act more intelligently than any individual, group, or computer has ever done before?" - Tom Malone, MIT

Why is implementation of Collective intelligence important for teachers?
  • According to Statista.com social networks have 2.51 billion members worldwide
  • Social media is a part of our students lives
  • Enhance effectiveness and efficiency of learning
  • Provides feedback to students
  • Engages students through technology to solve problems and realize opportunities
  • Excites activism and civic duty
  • Triggers conversation and sharing
  • Establishes connections within collaboration between peers
Strategies to implement Collective Intelligences into the classroom
  • Use Twitter and hashtags to share research, images, and ideas
  • Encourage students to create a Personal Learning Network
  • Create a classroom blog and/or Wiki- Collaborate and share images, facts, research, videos
  • Create glossaries for research and projects
  • Jigsaw reading and Internet searches to learn new information
  • Utilize Edmodo and/or Google Classroom for discussions. Require students to post and reply to posts
  • Utilize Edmodo and/or Google Classroom for collaboration of group projects
  • Design projects which requires collaboration amongst groups
  • Use applications designed for sharing and collaboration
  • Provide opportunities for feedback
  • Use YouTube for students to create tutorials or other types of videos
  • Get parents involved using social media and collective intelligences

Resources for the implementation of Collective Intelligence

Check out the following links for resources to help you bring Collective Intelligences into your classroom


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