Utah Forest By: Maddy

Utah forests are ecosystems which cover 1/3 of Utah and have many trees and plants as well. The forests in Utah are what are called temperate forests. These forests go through all 4 seasons ( winter, spring, summer, and fall.)

Coniferous are trees and shrubs that have needle-like scaly leaves which stay green all year long.

Mammals are animals with hair or fur that gives live birth.

Hibernating is an inactive, sleep-like state during winter.

In a Utah forest you might see animals like bears, trees, bushes, and other animals.

In a Utah forest you might feel dirt, grass, and bark, which is what trees are made out of on trees.

In a Utah forest you might hear the sound of animals digging, or the sound of them sleeping during hibernation. You may also hear bushes and tree swaying in the wind.

What type of forests would you find in Utah? Answer: Temperate

Bears eat mostly berries, nuts, grasses, carrion, and insect larvae.

Bears have color vision and have a keen scene of smell.

Bears are good at climbing, and swimming.

Red Foxes live an average of 3 years in the wild and 10-12 years in captivity.

Their top speed is 30 mph, and can leap up to 6 feet.

The 2 species of the Three Toed Woodpeckers are nearly identical in appearance.

Most Woodpeckers have 4 toes, but the Three Toed Woodpecker obviously doesn't have 4 toes.

Quaking Aspens are small because they are only 50 feet tall and some trees can grow up to 98 feet tall.

They are found in North America, Utah is in North America by the way.

Cottonwood Trees are deciduous trees.

They grow cotton on their leaves.

They live for 70 years a 120 year old Cottonwood Tree is very old.


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