Full Reflection August moon

On my early morning runs I make a final turn just past this old tree.

I notice its size. Its age. Its shape. How it has managed to grow and maintain its balance for what must be close to 200 years. This tree has seen it all. To me, an hour long run is an accomplishment worth celebrating all day. To the tree, an hour is not a stretch of time worth noting.

Hay field in the moonlight.

At the end of August, I woke up early one morning because the full moon was shining so brightly into my room. I remembered seeing the tree in the moonlight in the past so I decided to get dressed, get my camera and tripod, and make a portrait. I had an idea what the finished photo would look like, but I didn't expect to find these other views illuminated so brightly, by the moon's reflection alone, at around 4a.m.

Before the harvest.

The image above, like all the rest, was made using a long exposure of 15 to 30 seconds. The light streak effect is created by slowly zooming the lens while the shutter is open.

Like the tree, I can't help but think the old barns and the country roads have stories to tell too, but they keep them to themselves especially at night.

Just before the sun begins coming up over the horizon the reflected light from the moon can seem almost as strong as daylight.

Barn light and star streaks.

Take the picture you came for, but always point your lens in unplanned directions.

Words and Photos by @DeanPaganiPhotogaphy



Photos: DeanPaganiPhotography

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