Dogs By Mia

Dogs are amazing creatures. They can help people, such as guide dogs, be loveable companions and make great best friends. There is 339 known breeds of dogs, that is not counting the cross-breeds. You can get tiny, small, normal, large and huge dogs and I am going to be having some information on some of the breeds.

From left to right: Boxer, Pug, Maltese, Golden retriever, Yorkie
  • Facts about dogs:
  • A dog is as smart as a 2 year old toddler
  • A dog can smell your feelings
  • A dog can sense when you are about to arrive home

Some dogs can adapt well to cold places and some hate snow. This dog obviously loves the snow!

Studies show that we think dogs eyes are cute because they remind us and confuse our minds to think they are children.

The gestation period for dogs is 58-68 days.

Dogs love Christmas!!!

Dogs can cause as much grief as a human dying when they die.

Dogs have a lifespan of 10-20 years (if they are lucky)


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