The life of a water Droplet By Becky Nozdrin

''Ahh... this is the life.'' Said Drip the water molecule. He loved his life in the calm river where nothing bad happened to the water. At least that's what he thought. Drip had stayed in the river for a long time. He didn't know what happened in the whole life of a water drop.
"Ahh... this is the life."

Just then a wave came out of nowhere and drip accumulated into a big lake. "Where am I?" Said drip. "I've got to get home!" He exclaimed. He thought: "since I can't get home by myself, I'll just have to wait for something to happen."

Just then a wave took him and he accumulated back to his river. "Yay! I'm back guys!" He yelled excitedly. "Wait- where is everyone?" Drip sadly asked. All of Drip's friends were gone. They had all left to go on their own adventure. He was all alone.
Drip is all alone!
Drip then stayed in that river full of strangers and then got infiltratiated into the ground. "What in the ocean did just happen?" He asked. "Congratulations. You just got sucked into the gound." Replied another droplet. "Its as dark as night!" Drip yelled. "Yeah, it is." The other drop replied. Drip had to stay in the ground for a long time. That is called ground water storage.
Drip in the dirt!

"How long am I going to be here?" Said Drip. Just then, an earthquake shook the ground. RUMBLE, BOOM, CRUMBLE! Drip started flowing in a tiny underground steam into the lake. "Yay!" Drip yelled. He was finally back out of the dirt.

Yay! Drip is back in the lake!

Drip had now just realized: "I will never find my home and family. I guess I just have to make new friends everywhere I go."

He got sucked into a river and then saw a familiar face. "Mom!" Drip called out. "Drip! I thought I lost you forever!" She replied. "Me too! I finally know what my life is going to be like. Lots of moving."

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