The Buddha By: christina Casvikes

@FortuneTLRS Queen Maya will give birth to a strong leader 💪. #WeAreReady
@QueenM Welcome to the world our little Siddhartha❤️! #Hooray
@Asita I've shed 😭 because I will not live to hear the great teachings of Siddhartha. #TooBad
@Prajapati I will miss my sister Maya greatly, but I will raise Siddhartha as my own. #RIPQueen
@Siddhartha Thank you to my wonderful teachers who have taught me all they know. #Appreciation #Respect
@Siddhartha Today the warrior games begin. I will beat my opponents and win my lady's hand in marriage! #WishMeLuck
@Siddhartha I am the ultimate champion of the warrior games and I have officially married my beautiful wife Princess Yasodhara💍. #Love❤️😍
@KingSud Prince Siddhartha and Princess Yasodhara's palaces have officially been built. Hope you like them😉! #ReadyToUnveil
@PrincessY Our amazing son Rahula has finally joined our family! #Blessed
@Siddhartha Thank you for welcoming me into your great city citizens of Kapilavastu. #SoKind
@Siddhartha I now realize that their is sadness, disease, and death in this world. I am very saddened by this news 😪. #NOTok
@Siddhartha I encountered a saint today in the countryside and I am sure of my calling. #IGotThis👍
@Siddhartha At 29 years old I've left my family and everything I know to search for truth. I'm ready for this journey. #GettinIt
@Siddhartha I've spent 6 years in the forest trying to find enlightenment. I guess denying my body food and sleep wasn't the way to go🤔. #Whoops
@Siddhartha I've found a beautiful bodhi tree to meditate under. #SearchingForEnlightenment
@Buddha Today I have become the enlightened one. I can't wait to begin sharing my teachings. #Knowledge💡

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