The Better Me Brooke Whitaker's CU1010 Portfolio

Portfolio Experience

Many things affect people differently, and people respond to things differently also. This portfolio is a great example of that. I know everyone has their opinion of how it affected them, and of course I have my own, but their were definitely some good things about the portfolio, and some bad. Some reasons I liked it was because I like to be challenged. I also love being creative, and this portfolio allowed me to challenge myself, and use my creativity to make it beautiful and unique. This portfolio also showed me that there are news ways to study and interact with teachers that I have never tried, which have ultimately helped me in my first year as a college student. The parts I didn't like about it was the stress, the time, and the detail. It was hard for me to do the portfolio in a timely matter because I was so stressed about how much work there was to do. The two mandatory check-ups that we had to go to were very helpful with scheduling my working time because this motivated me to get work done, but not overwhelm myself. This portfolio took so much time to do, and I was afraid that if I spent too much time on the portfolio that I wouldn't spend enough time studying/working on my other classes. The details were also difficult to deal with because to make this portfolio awesome it needed to be super detailed. I am a very creative person though so I incorporated my creativity to help me finish this portfolio.

I have learned as a freshman that college is crazy, hard, and very different than high school. This is a time where you learn to be a more responsible adult. New things are introduced to you, and it is easier to be open minded because you never know if these things will help you or not. When this portfolio was introduced to me I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I thought it would be hard, and of course it was, but it was good for me. As I did my portfolio I found it sometimes difficult, and sometimes simple and easy. I learned from doing this project that you don't always like everything you have to do, but some mandatory things in life with help you more than you think they will.

Future Advice

To future students who are taking CU1010, and are having to make a portfolio, get started as soon as possible. This portfolio is a lot of work that takes time to understand, and finish. If you don't understand how to do something, which was the case with me when I was assigned the portfolio, ask for help. Your teacher will be happy to help you with anything you need. Also there are plenty of portfolios to look at as examples, and looking at them will help you to get started. Lastly, keep a positive attitude through this whole process. From experience, I know this can be an overwhelming load of work, but you will be thankful in the future that you were given this experience to see different ways of studying/improving your grades.

Exhibit #1- Mindset
Exhibit #2- Self-Management
Exhibit #3- Learning
Exhibit #4- Exams
Exhibit #5- Collaborative & Interpersonal Skills
Exhibit #6- Goals
Self Designed Exhibit #1
Self Designed Exhibit #2

Citation Page

This is the citation page. All of these URL's are from the pictures I have used all throughout my portfolio that aren't mine.


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