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At a time when the market is saturated with high-intensity, high-impact fitness concepts, the need for a more sustainable workout that reduces the risk of injury but still delivers an effective workout is clear. Established in New York City in 2014, Row House was born from the idea that rowing is simply the most efficient, low-impact, high-energy, full-body workout for any fitness level.
Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Row House began franchising in 2017 and is backed by Xponential Fitness, a team with more than 25 years of fitness franchising experience. Sister brands include Club Pilates, Cyclebar, StretchLab, AKT, and Yoga Six. Predicted to be the new ‘go-to’ workout in 2018 by The Associated Press, Row House is rapidly growing and will dominate indoor rowing in the boutique fitness industry.

The Brand

The Row House brand is so much more than just a logo. It’s a concept; it’s our quintessence; it’s the embodiment of what Row House stands for, and, ultimately, it’s the lens through which others view us.
We unite people of all shapes, sizes, and cultural backgrounds through their love of rowing. By offering a variety of classes, those of different strengths and abilities come together for a synchronized group fitness rowing workout. The experience is a high-energy, low-impact, synchronized rowing workout that provides an inclusive, community-based environment — and one that is authentic to the sport of rowing.
The Row House community is not only committed to the brand for the inclusive, authentic and rewarding values, but also for the results each workout provides.

Row House Points of Differentiation

Market Leader with Unique Brand Positioning

• Industry leader in the boutique fitness rowing space.

• Strong brand supported by parent company, Xponential Fitness.

Education, Inspiration & Retention

• Ability to educate, inspire, and retain rowers.

• Ability to educate, inspire, and retain rowers.

Outstanding Coach Training Program

• Proprietary Row House University coach training.

State-of-the-art Technology

• Smartphone booking app for purchasing classes, booking, tracking after-class data.

• App keeps rowers connected and helps them establish goals so they can track their progress.

Recognized by the Rowing Community

• Authentic to the sport, everyone rows in-sync to mimic the rhythm of an outdoor boat.

• We use Concept2 rowing machines recognized by the rowing community as the preferred indoor training rower for Olympic rowing teams, Universities and outdoor rowing clubs.

Proven Business Model

Marketing Spend

• Outside of national marketing spend, franchise owners are required to spend a minimum of $33,000 a year on consumer-based marketing.

• Both the franchise owner and Row House Corporate utilize a large, national public relations firm to generate press, stories, and coverage.

Average Median Gross Revenue Over Measurement Period


*2016 Calendar Year. Based on 2 existing NYC Studio's.

Potential Member Base

700 Annually

Number of Additional New Foot Traffic Per Year



Row House is rapidly expanding throughout the United States with plans to open up internationally as well. Row House's strong initial development is directly in line with the brand's overarching goal to open 100+ studio locations each year through 2022.

The rower

Row House's inclusive environment attracts people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.
Row house attracts a broad range of affluent families, couples, and career-driven individuals earning prosperous incomes and living very comfortable, active lifestyles.

Core Rowers

31 - 70 Years Old

Median Age


Male/Female Ratio

60% Women, 40% Men

The Studio

Progressive Design & Consistent In-studio Branding


The workout

Burn calories and tone our muscles all at once. A rowing based workout regimen will tone you head to toe, burn calories, and have you standing stronger and taller than before. Our exercise minutes yield optimal results.


An invigorating full-body workout and cardio burn, infused with high-energy music, rowing, dynamic stretches and body weight calisthenics on and off the erg.
Sculpt, tone and shred to upbeat tracks as you work on and off the erg for a total body workout that combines resistance training and cardio conditioning.
Challenge your aerobic threshold. This class is driven by high-octane music with bursts of interval training on and off the erg, guaranteed to make you sweat.
Recover as you row! Our signature blend of focused rowing and dynamic stretches. Don’t be fooled by the name, you’ll get cardio & mobility all in one workout.
Just starting out? Learn how to get the most of your rowing-based workouts in this 45-minute introductory class that focuses on form and technique. (45 min)


Predicted to be the new ‘go-to’ workout in 2018 by The Associated Press

Strong Parent Company Backing

Xponential Fitness is the curator of the best brands across every vertical in the boutique fitness industry – including Pilates, cycle, stretch, dance, yoga and rowing. We have more than 25 years of boutique fitness franchising experience across all of our brands, we have the resources and network to dominate every boutique fitness category. Currently, Xponential Fitness’ portfolio of brands includes Club Pilates, the nation’s largest and fastest growing Pilates franchise, CycleBar, the first and only premier indoor cycling franchise, L.A.-based StretchLab, a concept offering one-on-one assisted- stretching services, Row House, AKT, a revolutionary, energetic dance concept deeply rooted in science and movement and Yoga Six.

Row House Corporate 17877 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA, 92614 | 949.341.5585 | www.therowhouse.com |

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