Village of Pulaski

Town Hall adress- 745 WI-32, Pulaski, WI 54162

Map of Pulaski

Pulaski Safe Room

Description: Pulaski has noticed all the bad things that have been happing all over the world. Such as a shooting, abuse, stalkers, etc. But what is something would happen in Pulaski. What could we do. Solution: Well the Pulaski government decided that they should make a Safe Room. In case someone was chasing you, a shooting was happing, you are scared someone might hurt you, etc. So if you ever fell like like someone could hurt you or any other reason you could go in. My opinion: I believe that was an amazing idea. I think that is the best answer to the problem. There is nothing I would change about that at all.

Other Events

Addition to Pulaski police station for $562.97. The police station was getting to small for how much bigger Pulaski is getting so they needed to make improvements.

A family ask for a 3rd dog as a therapy dog for there son. They approved. But only as a theropy dog.

Rebuilding a Adult Activity center parking lot for $39,210. Since Pulaski is now getting so much bigger they needed to make the parking lot much bigger.

Pulaski donated $26,500 to Memorial Park to remodel diamond B and more.

Created By
Corey Waggoner

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