My trip to the Harn By: Matthew Abes

Medium of the Art

Casita al mar, Sanchez, 1974, Color Lithograph

One artwork that i found to be particularly enchanting was the Casita al mar by Emilio Sánchez. His technique of color lithograph creates a surrealistic representation of this two dimensional house by the sea. Had i not seen this piece in person i probably wouldn't be able to distinguish the specific medium used. Experiencing the piece in person, i was blown away at how vivid each paint stroke was, the meticulous detail to the piece in order to achieve it's symmetrical balance. Sánchez's lithograph style is an oil and water mixture resulting in soft yet deep underlying colors. The art had me mesmerized for 5, 10, 15 minutes, unbeknownst to me, as i was captivated. It had felt like this house sitting in solitude, much like myself, was speaking to me. Not in the sense of hi, how are you, but in the sense it was my spiritual 'om' or chant guide. All in all i would say that the artwork leaves me with an overall sense of wholeness left in me. Almost the exact opposite feeling that last semester's calculus test left me with.

Design of the Museum

Paula and Marshall Criser Garden (I did not take this image)

An exhibit that i found to be particularly interesting was the Paula and Marshall Criser Garden. I am a man of simple tastes, and the elegance of the pebble arraignment as well as the calming background were enough to win me. A solo base plant is located inside, leaving a sense of warmth. The statue of the women in the middle peaked my curiosity so i sat and slowly become overwhelmed by the garden's use of spacing and lighting to created a small zen environment.

Art and Core Values

Nets -Infinity, Kusama, 2004, Arylic on canvas

Although it may seem odd, i found this abstract piece of endlessly repeating circles to be beautifully sad in its own right. I believe that any artwork can evoke any emotion in the human arsenal. I see this piece as each circle having its own mission, that being to secure the other circles shown in the artwork. If one were to be incomplete then they all would be incomplete. A deep scarlet red is the subtlest of touches on an almost romantic relationship of circles, whom have form into one conglomerate of circles. The piece makes me cherish those in my life who keep me strong and to those whom i keep strong by being a presence in their lives.

Art and the Good Life

Sheep Wranglers, Kurland, 2001, UV laminated C-print

I believe this photo represents a good life by my personal definition. I cannot imagine anything more perfect and peaceful than living on a sheep prairie, free of most of our regular worldly responsibilities. Although the picture is a little blurry, you can see sheep and young girls freely enjoying all that our earth has to offer. Happiness and freedom are my essentials to what i picture when think "what is the good life?" and i believe this picture does a fair job at representing those couple of traits.


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