Tour Of The Harn Museum By Shantanu gulgule

Excited to enter the Harn Museum!

Medium of Art/Technique of the Artist

Seated Man with Mace and Bowl

The above sculpture depicts a Seated Man with Mace and Bowl. Examining the actual sculpture helped me learn a lot more about this amazing piece. The sculpture showed emotion, the three dimensional figure looks more like an actual human being. Drawing emotion into the sculpture is a technique of the artist that I really appreciated. The artwork made me feel really appreciative of the amount of effort and detail the artist put into this piece. If one looked at this sculpture from a book or a movie, one cannot appreciate the amount of detail and effort put into this art piece.

Another Sculpture depicting emotion

Design of The Museum

This is the room that had the sculptures of Gautama Buddha and Lord Ganesha. I love the arrangement of the sculptures, and how there is so much variety instilled in the artifacts here. The view from the large window provides a touch of nature to the atmosphere inside the room. The dim lighting and the sunlight made the room look even more beautiful. There is also plenty of space to walk around and admire all the artifacts that are present there.

Core Values:

Lord Ganesha

I follow Hinduism and also worship lord Ganesha. This sculpture reminded me of all the values that my religion has taught me. With my God before me, I felt thankful for everything that I had in my life. My father would always tell me how embracing religion makes one humble. I then prayed for my family in India to be safe and healthy, and for me to be able to take on all of the challenges that l will face during my time here. Indeed those ten minutes in front of the sculpture of Lord Ganesha did evoke a large number of emotions!

The Good Life

The Buddha

The Buddha, known as Gautama Sakyamuni was regarded as an ideal human being who taught that salvation could be achieved through an individual’s work and actions and by following the eight-fold path. Salvation is one of things we seek in order to attain the good life. This sculpture of Gautama Buddha reminded me of the good life. The sculpture showed the enlightened Buddha meditating. The Buddha seems to have solutions to all the problems in the world, as if he has found the path to enlightenment. It was as if an aura of serenity was emanating from the sculpture.

Another beautiful room in the harn!
Two amazing paintings!

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