urbanlip.com Cape Town Trip 2018/2019

Want to produce hi-production value, location imagery for your brand?

urbanlip.com, specialists in health, beauty and wellness imaging has a solution ...

urbanlip.com production - Cape Town

Join us - physically or digitally - on our trip to Cape Town scheduled Dec 2018/Jan 2019 with beauty and lifestyle photographer/filmmaker, Iain Philpott and take advantage of the cost benefits of having an exceptional and experienced crew already in place.

urbanlip.com images available to license - location Cape Town

Iain Philpott, Photographer/Filmmaker - Reknown for his beautiful use of light and an early adopter of film, Iain creates content for magazines and brands both global and niche. He is a master at maximising a single shoot for all media platforms.

Cape Town - from beautiful beaches to forests, clapboard or contemporary houses to stunning spas, all bathed in the glorious light of South Africa's South West Coast.

urbanlip.com production - Cape Town Locations
urbanlip.com production - Cape Town Spa

Models - You'll have full control over your choice of model. We cast from over 25 top model agencies based in Cape Town ....... so no associated travel/accommodation costs

urbanlip.com production

Production - From brief to final delivery of images and/or footage, urbanlip.com will manage the process .... with a clear, transparent production schedule and a smile!

urbanlip.com production

Join us to create your own brand's hi-production value beauty, lifestyle and wellness imagery - both stills and/or motion .... suitable for print, digital and social media .... 1 shoot/a multitude of multimedia possibilities

You can book a few days or as little as a single shot or 1/2 day depending on your brand's imaging needs ..... or you may even just want a spot of product placement.

urbanlip.com Cape Town production for Woman & Home/Feel Good You magazine

If this piques your interest and you would like to know more call Lara on +44 (0)1428 605841 or email her at: team@urbanlip.com


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