Gone... Tehuana whaley

Character chart for main character Carla.

Character chart for Michelle.

"Hey Carla girl remember when we first met" Michelle said.

"Yes, like it was yesterday" I said with slurred speech.

"Yea, and remember that boy I used to like."

"Who? Mike? Oh oh no it was Mark! Yes what about em'?"

"Remember how he liked you instead of me? And remember your ex?

"Umm which one?"

"Oh you know Ryan, well you know how he was my crush first and you just stole him!?"

"Well I didn't steal him he ju-"

"Then let's not even focus on all the boys you stole from me let's talk about the things too"

"Michelle what's wrong? And I'm not feeling that well."

"You must not be feeling well because of the Valium."

"What?! What are you tal-" I started throwing up and she threw me to the ground.

"I'm so sorry Carla I'm sorry it had to be this way but I'm not going to keep competing with a vindictive bitch that calls herself my bestfriend."

"Where are you going? Please don't leave!" My body went numb and the cold ground started to take me.

"Bye Carla" she said kneeling down. "You're going to sit here and OD while I go and finally be happy."

She left and I was gone. She left me there to freeze and die

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