Toronto By dakota the great

The Canadianshied is a major land form in Toronto this is a huge rock type of land form and if really big. It's also really hard to live here cuz the soil is really bad.

A major land form is the Canada shield
This is Lake Ontario in the back is Toronto. This massive lake has a lot of other city's formed on it because it's helpful in a lot of ways. One being transportation- it leads to the st Lawrence river a massive water way for people and ships to get out to the Atlantic.
The climate here is like the same as brooten Minnesota but it's a little colder and more snow because it's a little farther away from the equator.
So Toronto is also really big into metals. This is how it got really big it started out a small town and the they started to find metals and they sold for a lot so more and more people came and that's how it started. Ontario is one of the top 10 mineral producers in the world.

So I hope you enjoyed my presentation on this. Peace out.

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