MRS.Miller class

I got to interview an awesome and passionate teacher who loves to teach.Mrs.miller.

1. Why did you want to be a teacher? Honestly it’s because I couldn’t get into vet school, but umm when I was in high school I was kind of torn between two things I wanted to be a teacher which was like something people in my family had done and I have always been inspired by my teachers or I wanted to be a veterinarian because you know I grew up on a farm I loved animals I was involved in FFA and 4H and I thought to myself that’s what I want to do well I went to college with the pre-vet major and I actually did really bad in chemistry and I decided that maybe the veterinarian route wasn’t for me, so I switched to agriculture education and you know got involved in a lot of the student organizations, was involved with the FFA association when I was in college and just really um decided teaching is where I wanted to be or what I should do but It wasn’t really until my 6th year of teaching that I felt like teaching was my calling because that was the year that everything just kind of clicked and I felt like I was making an impact as an educator

2. How many years have you been teaching? Im in my 10th year of teaching

3. What do you think are your best achievements as a teacher? I think my number one achievement is just watching students who go through my classroom who have gone through my programs just watching them to go onto better and bigger things and then watching them come back and sharing that experiences with the next group of kids that always like a pleasure that I get when I see my kids come back and they tell me how they’ve been or they share their story’s and it makes me feel like I’m doing something good, Professionally I’ve been recognized state and nationally as an ag educator and that’s pretty cool I have some hardware from that but it really comes down to just how my students, watching my students come back and seeing me and go beyond those expectations.

4. What was your job before this? Do you wish you could go back? Ok umm Iv always been a teacher so I graduated in December of ’06 and I couldn’t get a teaching job right away so I did some substitute teaching I went home and help the folks on the farm Iv been teaching for 10 years teaching has been my first occupation and that all I really do and now that I’m married Im a part time chef so sometimes I go in and help my husband on like In the evenings

5. Have you always taught at Junction city high school? If not where else did you teach at? No this is actually my second year teaching in junction city, I taught a semester at solomen high school right after I graduated and then I spent 8 years at free state high school in Lawrence

6. What are all the classes you teach here at junction? right now I teach animal science, biology and I also teach the avid elective

7. What is your favorite subject to teach? Surprisingly I’ve really grown to love teaching biology just because I really like working with sophomores cause they still kinda wanna learn, but my favorite class to teach of all time is definitely animal science and veterinary science so im really excited because my degree is in agriculture education I have a minor in animal science and hord in culture I really love teaching that agriculture um part

8. Have you taught any other subject besides what your teaching now? Yes, I’ve taught introduction to agriculture, a floral culture class a floral design class a plant science class greenhouse class, I’ve taught welding, I’ve taught a bio tech class, a communications class, I’ve taught a ag business class, sometimes I feel like Im the jack of all trades because I’ve taught a little bit of everything

9. What do you do in your free time? I like to binge watch Netflix and hulu, my husband and I like to go to concerts on the weekends, we love going out to movies, going up to see family as soon as possible, sometimes I like doing nothing at all, depends on the mood and what we have planned

10. Tell me about your family? Sure, I grew up in northeast Kansas in a little town called sebetha im the middle child of four siblings, I have 2 older sisters who are twins, a younger brother, my parents still live up in sebetha, Im a farm girl at heart I was involved in 4-H, FFA, showed cattle, pigs did the home ec sewing cooking arts and crafts in high school I did sports, band FFA 4-H I was literally like the quintessential all American girl because small town did a little bit of everything. Most of my family my sister now resides in Manhattan, my brother and sister in law live in southeast Kansas, my husband’s in-laws live in Arizona, Iowa, and Minnesota

11. How many pets do you have and what are they? We do not have any pets because we rent but If I did have a pet a manecoon cat which is like a giant fuzzy cat and my husband would probably want a dog

12. What do you think as a teacher that you need to work on? Probably not being so blunt with the kids sometimes cause depends on the student you can be a little more direct and like how you speak to them and how you handle them but then I have to remember that not all kids are like that I think sometimes maybe I should be tougher on my grading even though my kids may disagree with that but you know its hard to pin point one thing because as a professional Im always trying to evolve into that next step like what activities can I bring and how can I change up my seating how can I change my discipline for the year how do I make my students better people because in the end I could throw knowledge at you all day but what it really boils down to is how are you gonna be a person when you walk out those doors

13. Where are you originally from? Iv always lived in Kansas, im from sebetha Kansas, I went to school in manhattan at K-state, I lived in Lawrence but my heart is in Kansas and that’s where it probably will stay

14. Do you have any kids? No, unless you count high school students then all my school students are my kids but no biological children

15. Why did you want to stay in Kansas? Because I never thought to go anywhere else, honestly its where my teaching degree is and where my family is, its where my colleagues are, so Kansas is just where I thought I always stay.

I interview one of her amazing and dedicated studentsKaitlyn Ewing

1. What class are you in of mrs.millers? I am in miss millers animal science class and her seminar

2. What do you like about that class? I like that you get to get an in dep research of animals and about careers it really help you understand what is out there besides just high school

3. What do you learn about in that class? We go into def about cows, pigs, horses and those basic types of animals and we learn the connection between animals and humans, so its not just focus on animals bodys

4. What do you think of mrs.miller as a teacher? I think she is the peppiest and happiest teacher that I know all the other teachers there are just there to teach but I really see the passion behind mrs.miller and she really wants to further our education she believes so much in us it’s like crazy

5. What do you like about school? About this school is I like the different academy’s and I like the different opportunity’s, um even though I’m in the SET academy I do a lot of fine arts things and I’m not limited by one thing so I feel like there’s more opportunities in this school then there is other schools

6. What do you not like about school? I feel like the whole atmosphere of classes and how we are like sectioned off is kinda limited I will see like the same 15 to 30 people each day for like the rest of the year I feel like I don’t venture out as much unless I do like groups or I go and do um like band or dance or cheer somethings so

7. What do you want to do after you graduate? Part of my wants to go and sing for the rest of my life that’s a big passion of mine um and part of me wants to see what’s out there I know I wanna go to college I know I wanna further my education just don’t know what yet

8. Have you lived anywhere else besides junction city? I am actually an army brat I’ve been to Washington, Maryland Texas If you can name it I’ve probably been there umm so ya I’ve traveled a lot

9. What was your favorite year of high school? My favorite year by far probably have to be my sophomore year, My sophomore year I joined choir I its became like a family in choir um I joined a lot of new classes I made the cheer team I just started venturing outside of my comfort zone

10. If you could change any rules at school what would it be? I would change the dress code not because the dress code is like bad It’s because the dress code doesn’t go with other school’s um I would also change the academic requirements they also go different from other school’s counselors don’t make it nations wide so dress code and requirements for school

11. What activities do you do at school? I was a cheerleader for three years and now I’m in one of the top choirs at school so iv kinda got out their fine arts and like sports

12. Have you ever argued or disagreed with a teacher? Oh many times my seminar teacher and me like could not stand each other and then she left um iv had teachers who have targeted me for my lack of like placing myself in class but definitely on more of a positive side iv connected with a lot of teachers have become like family to me like my choir teacher has become more like a father figure than anything to me s

13. Have you ever been bullied at school? This sounds cliché but yes I have I moved up north from Texas iv been there for many years and the I moved up north and I was bullied for being a little southern girl and I was more seen as my personality and how my voice was basically rather than anything else

14. What’s your favorite class? Favorite class Is see my favorite class is phycology um I feel like if I had to think about something to do after I graduate that’s something I wanted to do when I think about more academically um but I excel more at math so I guess you can also say that’s a favorite I don’t know

15. What’s your least favorite class? Least favorite class is anything history, government anything related I’ve struggled through the years to maintain a C like It’s so difficult

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