Your Groceries and the Spanish ZECNT Project Kroger partners with WorldVenture Projects

The ZECNT (Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament) was carefully designed for the overworked, but conscientious, preacher.

For no extra cost to you and just a tiny bit of effort, you can help us put this series into the hands of Spanish-speaking pastors all over the world.

Simply load the money you would normally spend on your household groceries onto the "Spanish ZECNT Project" gift card. Use that card whenever you shop at a Kroger affiliate store. And the Spanish ZECNT Project will receive 5% cash back on your purchase.

Load $100, the project receives $5. Load $500, the project receives $25. Load $1000, the project receives $50.

Ready to get started?

  • Request a "Spanish ZECNT Project" Kroger gift card by writing to us at
  • Load the refillable Kroger gift card at the cash register with your normal grocery budget before you purchase your groceries, gas, or Rx.
  • Remember to use the gift card whenever you shop at a Kroger store affiliate.

Things to Keep in Mind:

1. A minimum balance of $1.00 is required to keep the gift card active.

Things to Keep in Mind:

2. By using your credit card to put money on the gift card you can continue to accumulate airline miles or points.

3. You can still use your store specific club card to receive discounts.

Things to Keep in Mind:

4. The gift card is simply a method of payment...

...Whatever the total, 5% goes to The Spanish ZECNT Project.

Contact Kathy to request your refillable gift card (


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