Bruce Olson Emme johnson

Bruce Olson was born in 1941 in Saint Paul Minnesota. Mother's name is Inga Olson, his father's name is Marcus Olson, and has one brother.
At an early Bruce learned Latin and Greek and also experienced Christian conversion.
When Bruce Olson was 17 he went to Pennsylvania State University. After a year there, he then transferred to the University of Minnesota. Then sometime there he decided to leave and buy a plane ticket to Venezuela to do missionary work.
Bruce Olson has no kids, is not married, and lives in the jungle of South America.
When he was 19 he attended a missionary conference. The speaker there challenged them not to just put money in the tray at church, but to actually do something about it. And do it for God.
In the jungles of South America Bruce Olson brought the Motilone Bari Indians to Christ. And they accept him as a fellow brother themselves.
Bruce Olson made many achievements like living in the jungle with no one accept the Bari Indians. And is now known as "Someone who got adopted by the Motilone Bari."
Luke 19:1 made Bruce Olson think about going out into the world to seek man who have not heard or do not want to believe in Christ.
"This was a great spiritual step in the life of the people." -Bruce Olson "The failures, I will accept as my failures."- Bruce Olson
Bruce Olson gave himself pinkeye from another Indian so the nurse could "cast a spell" and heal him. So he could gain her trust.
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