The Story of King Midas By:Jason Teoyotl

Once upon a time, Silenus, the tutor of the god Dionysus, went missing. Luckily, servants of King Midas found Silenus and took him to Midas. Midas looked after Silenus for ten days and as a thanks Dionysus granted Midas and wish. Midas asked for his touch to turn anything into gold. In celebration of his new gift Midas ordered a banquet but when he touched a food it would turn to gold. Fearing he would die of starvation Midas begged Dionysus to remove the gift. Having pitied Midas, Dionysus removed the curse from Midas.


When I was younger I always had an obsession with something and overtime that obsession with one topic would turn into an obsession with a new topic. One of those obsessions was Greek Mythology. I like this story in particular because its based on a selfish, greedy king who through his own actions causes himself great misfortune. Then at the end of the story he has a change of heart and thought. I feel like people should read this story to sort of have a wake-up call and too see that the life that they think is spectacular now may not be as such when they are older.

"Is the richest king in all the world to starve to death?"

- King Midas


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